Fri, September 30

Eric likes to watch the lawn being mowed and to ride his dragon.  We are getting used to laugh like idiots just to make him laugh back at us.

Fri, September 23

Eric works hard cleaning the house. He is becoming more useful.

Mon, September 19

Angie's last day of chemo. She got to ring the bell.

Sun, September 18

Eric's chance encounter with a goat. 

Fri, September 16

Eric had fun at his first day in the tumble class with his friends Dehlia at the YMCA. 

Sun, September 11

Eric shows me how to solve Shrodinger's equation for particles hitting a barrier of potential. 

Mon, September 5

Eric went to the Children's museum with some friends, after spending all morning mesmerized by the washing machine.

Sun, September 4

Eric tried sunglasses on Cool